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TOPNAVI currently has hundreds of models, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, 

Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Buick, Nissan, Ford, Kia, Citroen, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, 

Fiat, etc. The face frames of all products are developed by ourselves, 

and we keep developing 3-5 new abrasive tools every month to keep pace with the new cars in the market.

Production Equipment

Production Equipment

Original car steering wheel control simulation test

Original car electronic interference simulation test

High temperature running simulation test of the original car

The original car bumping simulation test

Original car voltage start-up test

Production steps

Production steps

1. For new products development,Buy a new car, use the original car CD to open the mold, and we will re-manufacture the corresponding size of plastic and hardware to complete the initial inspection of the product.

2. After the samples are ready, we need to debug the software to be compatible with all the information display of the original car, including the air conditioning display, seat heating information display, and support the original car steering wheel button functions.

3. Third-party software installation test, so as to be compatible with all APPs of Android system.

4. Hardware testing: including screen, plastic, wire, PBC board, motherboard and other materials testing, all raw materials must meet the requirements of vehicle regulations.

5. After the product is assembled, we have 8-12 hours of presbyopia test, negative 20 degrees to positive 80 degrees high and low temperature test, vibration test, electronic interference test, high altitude drop test, etc., to ensure that the product can pass all harsh conditions After normal work, we will proceed to mass production in the next step.

Office Environment

Shenzhen Top Navi Electronics, Co., Ltd is a professional Android car DVD GPS manufacturer in SZ, China,  With 10 years of experience in design, manufacture, marketing, and customer service, we have become car navigation experts.

Generation Process

Generation Process

Shenzhen Top Navi Electronic Tech Co., Limited is a professional car DVD Multimedia Player GPS Navigator manufacturer in Shenzhen, China since 2007. With years of experience in design, manufacture, marketing and customer service, we have become smart car radio video player experts, we have about 300 staffs and 30 engineers. With experienced R&D engineers and technicians who always keep improving and developing new products to meet customers requirements, we now have products suitable for hundreds of different car models. Products including universal car multimedia player, special OEM car multimedia player, Car MP5 Player, etc., with different software and platforms to meet different markets requirements. Our factory have passed ISO 9001 and TUV certification, and all products have passed CE, FCC standards.

SMT production line patch-

automatic machine inspection-

wave soldering-

software programming and initial inspection-

complete machine assembly after qualified-

aging test-

automatic test (main function after assembly)-


OQC finished product Inspection (including inspection of appearance/performance/packing, etc.)-

the finished product will be put into storage after being qualified.

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment

In order to make sure the quality of the products, we have 8-12 hours of presbyopia test, negative 20 degrees to positive 80 degrees high and low-temperature test, vibration test, electronic interference test, high altitude drop test, etc., 

High Quality The high-speed chip placement machine Wholesale - Shenzhen Top Navi Electronic Co., Ltd.

Quality is the cornerstone of our survival. 

TOPNAVI always adheres to the concept of customer first and quality first to make every product. 

We have a dedicated R&D part, which is customized to customer requirements, 

differentiates products in the market, and maintains a win-win situation with customers

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